Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: James Walton


James Walton is an Australian poet published in newspapers, and many journals, and anthologies. Short listed twice for the ACU National Literature Prize, a double prize winner in the MPU International Poetry Prize, Specially Commended in The Welsh Poetry Competition – his collection ‘The Leviathan’s Apprentice’ was published in 2015.

He contributed with two poems “I don’t know what to say” and “Into the Wilderness” to the first volume of the bilingual anthology. Below you can find the translation of his poems in Farsi:

Into the Wilderness

we lived without time then

when Lake St Clair blew to waves


that cabin luxury for us

wood table and chairs

the bunk off the floor


I was reading

Crime and Punishment

too young for temptation


we loved each other

no regret beneath our tan lines


in those days I could eat

a whole loaf and honey


the visiting heron had no song

in the rounds of its silent joy

just the thwack of happiness


you said I should read

The Ginger Man

while holding Jean-Paul’s trilogy

  با طبیعت

ما بی زمان زندگی کردیم

وقتی که دریاچه موج ها را می آشفت

آن اطاقک برای ما مجلل بود

با میز و صندلی چوبی

و تخت خواب کوچکش

من “جنایت و مکافات” را می خواندم

و جوانتر از آن بودم

که وسوسه شوم

ما عاشق یکدیگربودیم

از آفتاب سوختگی هراسی نداشتیم

در آن روزها من می توانستم

یک قرص کامل نان را با عسل بخورم

حواصیل خاموشی که به دیدارمان می آمد

بی صدا شادمانی می کرد

فقط صدای ریزش شادی بگوش می رسید

تو گفتی

باید “مرد زنجبیلی” را بخوانم

در حالی که سه گانه ژان پل را در دست داشتی


A Quick Review on “LOVE’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY: THE ENDS OF LOVE” by Duane Vorhees’


LOVE’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY: THE ENDS OF LOVE, selections from ‘The Many Loves of Duane Vorhees’

The above mentioned book, published by Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata (2018), is a collection of love poems highlighted in 4 sections, Prologue, Beth, Jenny and Yeobo in 64 pages. In the beginning, the author started with a poem “Either Alzheimer’s or the lightning bolt” as if he declared that the end of love does and doesn’t mean ‘the end’ at the same time. It speaks of romantic and anti-romantic relationships:

“The ends of love

are but two

: your V8 plunges from the surface

and, crucified like a butterfly in time,

helpless consciousness heightened,

you hover in slow motion witness

to the juggernaut earth’s decay …”

The author described himself as a scholar, professor, performer, actor, model, journalist (dish washer, truck driver, lifeguard, door-to-door salesman, laborer…), and poet. Undoubtedly, his exceptional and adventurous life experience is glowing through the lines here and there, where beautiful metaphors take the reader’s imagination to watch a wonderful dream movie on the mind screen. The below lines from “Ah! Nights” are one of a kind:

“you were queen of the hive

and I a drone among the honeys

getting a buzz on and doing my job

plunging among the dusky clover

trying to pollinate the skies

to flower the night with stars.

To lose my only stinger would be to die -”

“Without You Beth” is talking about the tragic moments that may happen in everybody’s journey of life when they have to bow to death since they have no choice but let their loves go “Death./ Abyss-dropped coffin. /Everyone wept ….”

The word choice in “Mushrooming” is benevolently clever. “sAVAnnA” is an eye-catching visual art, and an odd and simply sophisticated poem of this book. “no one has ever noted for eternity …” and “none has ever praised” take the mind to the deeper layer when it comes to read Atoll. Perhaps the narrative in “For Love” isn’t a man like “Many a man has decayed and gone to bugs—but not for love.” The Beast is an amalgamation of darkest desires and finest sentiments, flowing as smooth and mesmerizing as water drops:

“I love your body’s several smiles

as I press my name on all your mouths.

I love the way your body smiles

in some of your most surprising places.”

Confession at the end of the book reveals that the poet has spoken with different voices. This isn’t simply a collection of love poems as the author stepped in the other levels of relationships. “Take Me In” has intriguing rhythm and beat in a way that the reader finds him/herself to whisper it or recite it load.

I am really pleased and delighted to have a chance to get my hands on these amazing poems. For me, every line of the book makes sense and fills my heart with both joy and grief which are two sides of the love sword. I highly recommend my friends and students read this book and let their imagination fly across the land of love.

Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Draevnn Motkova

Draevnn Motkova is a poet and author who strives to translate emotions of the heart to the written word. 


Draevnn Motkova


Words written on the heart can never be erased

words spoken can never be unheard,

even when I am old and can no longer listen

promises of love can not be taken back,

but they can be poisoned from existence.

Poisoned the pollutant wipes away dreams of youth, of future.

What we do from this point is history, yet determined,

images of us to be drawn on the sheet of life,

once scratched to reality we only live the

visions of love bled from our hearts.

Henceforth life will record us to life.


از این پس

دراون موتکووا

واژگانی که بر دلها نوشته شود، هرگز پاک نمی گردد

کلماتی که بیان شوند، هرگز ناشنیده نمی مانند

حتی زمانی که من پیر و ناشنوا شوم

وعده های عشق دیگر باز نمی گردند

چه بسا مسموم شوند از حضور

آنچه عشق را بیالاید، رویاهای جوانی و آینده را از میان می برد

آنچه ما انجام می دهیم، از این پس به تاریخ می پیوندد

تصاویری از ما در ورق زندگی ترسیم می شود –

که با واقعیت زندگی خراشده می گردد –

این واقعیت که ما با خون دلهایمان به عشق می نگریم

از این پس، این زندگی است که ما را ثبت می کند

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Soodabeh Saeidnia

So pleased and grateful for the interview with the poet and editor, Paul Brookes. I had fun talking to him and answering his questions.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews

I am honoured and privileged that the following poets, local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger.
The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some surprises too. Some of these poets you may know, others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Soodabeh Saeidnia

According to Amazon “Soodabeh lives in Queens, NYC. She got her Pharm D and PhD of Pharmacognosy and has worked as a researcher, assistant and associate professor in the Kyoto University (Japan), TUMS (Iran) and University of Saskatchewan (Canada). She writes in English and Farsi. Her English poems have been published in different anthologies and literary magazines including Careless Embrace of the Boneshaker (GWFM) Squawk Back, Indiana…

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Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Kathy Lundy Derengowski

Kathy Lundy Derengowski is a native of San Diego county. She is an active member and co-facilitator of the “Lake San Marcos Writer’s Workshop”. Her work has appeared in Summation, the ekphrasis anthology of the Escondido Arts Partnership, California Quarterly, Silver Birch Press, Turtle Light Press and the Journal of Modern Poetry. She has won awards from the California State Poetry Society and  been a finalist in the San Diego book Awards poetry chapbook category. She has been featured as a guest blogger on Trish Hopkinson’s A Selfish Poet blog.

She contributed with a sonnet to the third volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea. You can hear the translation of the poem on the link below: 

The Hunted – a Sonnet

Kathy Lundy Derengowski


In love with love, I was your easy prey

Quick to believe your coaxing and your charms

Swiftly I fell, too late to run away

Lost in the strong embraces of your arms


I was the quarry, caught within a net

woven of words designed to court and woo

seduced to play the role of Juliet

I was convinced that every word was true.


I was no more than trophy on your wall

merely a day’s distraction, nothing more

Nothing to you – to me was all, and all

My only hope of life worth living for.


These are the facts, and all the details of

cruel heartbreak and my love affair, with love.

صید – غزل واره

کتی لاندی درنگووسکی

عاشق عشق بودم، صیدی آسان برایت

چه زود باور کردم وسوسه ی فریبنده ات را

شتابان فرو افتادم، نه فرصتی برای گریختن

گم شدم در آغوش توانمندت

معدن جواهری بودم که در دام افتاد

در تور واژگانی از خواستگاری و ترقیب

مسحور بازی در نقش لیلی

حقیقت هر واژه ات را باور داشتم

ولی من بیش از جامی بر دیوارت نبودم

و نه چیزی بیش از سرگرمی یکروزه ات

برای تو هیچ، برای من همه چیز

تنها امید به زندگی، ارزش زیستن را دارد

حقایق چنین اند از دل شکستنی بی رحمانه

و صمیمیت ام با عشق

Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Dan Bourget

Dan Bourget is a freelance writer specializing in script coverage and screenwriting. Dan is also a poet with a strong fondness for haiku, tanka and the great confessional poetry of Plath and Sexton. Dan is also an ex disc jockey of Soul & Jazz and music has always been a big influence on all of his poetry, ( it’s all in the rhythm ). He graduated from CCRI with a degree in liberal arts and communications. Previously was published in “Where Are You From?”, “Persian Sugar in English Tea” & “Dandielion in a Vase of Roses”. He currently resides in Providence R.I., the Ocean State. He contributed with 10 short poems to the third volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol III. He also contributed with 9 poems to the vol II. 

Here you can hear the Farsi translation of 5 poems from the volume III.



lovecraft and you ( for chrisya )

we came, saw, conquered

planted poems to fuel the dust

( bowed to providence )

cuervo toast, ” long live lovecraft ”

graveyard grass, proud at our feet.



love words ( for deborah )

powerful; your grace

words of love plucked from the heart

dance into the light.


carved in tree

clock ticks ever still

warm last breath evading me

I die with winds best

collapse on sword, ( thou request )

what’s left of love; carved in tree.



(عاشقانه ها (به کریسیا

آمدیم، دیدیم، فتح کردیم

شعرها را کاشتیم تا غبار را به آتش کشد

(به سرنوشت سر تسلیم فرود آوردیم)

“در کوئروو” به سلامتی نوشیدیم، “عاشقانه ای جاوید”

چمن گورستان، به قدوم ما افتخار می کند


(عاشقانه ها (به دبورا

قدرتمند است شکوه ات

کلمات عاشقانه از قلب جدا شده

در نور می رقصند


حک شده  بر درخت

ساعت همیشه تیک تاک می کند

آخرین نفس گرمم، مرا ترک می گوید

من با باد بهتر می میرم

(بر شمشیر فرود می آیم، (این درخواست توست

آنچه از عشق بجا می ماند، بر درختی حک شده

Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Bob MacKenzie

Bob MacKenzie’s poems have appeared in journals and anthologies around the world as well as in several books of his poetry. In July 2018, Bob’s newest book of poetry, “somewhere still in wind the tree is bending” was launched by Silver Bow Publishing in New Westminster, B.C. He Contributed with two poems to the third volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea. You can hear the translation of them on the link below:

I Would Photograph You

Bob MacKenzie


I would photograph you in just that way,

you reclining among the windblown grain,

the sun winnowing its light through your hair,

your cotton summer dress soft in its light.


You would be resting there in the sunlight

gazing up the hill at that warm farm home

inviting you to come when you’re ready

like that shining city you see in dreams.


I would add colour to this photograph,

clover perhaps or daisies in the breeze,

and bright paint on that old grey house and barn,

and add a bright print to your cotton dress.


I would photograph you in just that way,

lit by sunlight in a world of flowers

where songbirds sing and the sun seeks you out

but, most of all, I would photograph you.


Note: Published in That Not Forgotten, anthology (Hidden Brook Press, 2011); BFW Bound: Instant Anthology, limited edition anthology (BookFest Windsor, 2012); The Picture Perfect Poetry Chapbook Anthology (Ontario Poetry Society, 2015); Agapé: Heaven & Earth (Dark Matter Press, 2015)

عادت دارم که تو را به تصویر کشم

باب مک کینزی

عادت دارم که تو را به تصویر کشم

،درآن حال که در میان گندمزار بادگیر لمیده ای

خورشید شعاعش را در لابلای گیسوانت دوانیده

و لباس نخی تابستانی ات درزیر آفتاب گرم شده

تو عادت داری در آنجا، زیر آفتاب استراحت کنی

و نگاهت به بالای تپه خیره شود، به آن خانه گرم روستایی

که تو را بدرون دعوت می کند

مثل آن شهر باشکوهی که در رویاها می بینی

من عادت دارم که این تصویر را رنگی کنم

شاید با شبدر و یا بابونه ای در نسیم

و یا با رنگ روشنی بر آن خانه خاکستری قدیمی

و انبار، و چاپ تصاویری بر لباس نخی ات

عادت دارم که تو را به تصویر کشم

در آن حال که با تابش آفتاب در دنیای گلها می درخشی

جایی که پرندگان آواز سر داده و خورشید تو را در بیرون می جوید

اما بیش از همه اینها، عادت دارم که تو را به تصویر کشم

Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Paul Brookes

Paul Brookes is a shop assistant, after employment as a security guard, postman, admin assistant, lecturer, poetry performer, with “Rats for Love”. His work included in “Rats for Love: The Book”, Bristol Broadsides, 1990. First chapbook “The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley” (Dearne Community Arts, 1993); Recently published in Blazevox, Nixes Mate, Live Nude Poems, The Bezine, The Bees Are Dead and others; “The Headpoke and Firewedding” (Alien Buddha Press, 2017); Illustrated chapbook “A World Where” (Nixes Mate Press, 2017); “The Spermbot Blues” (OpPRESS, 2017); “She Needs That Edge” (Nixes Mate Press, 2018); “Port Of Souls” (Alien Buddha Press, 2018) and Forthcoming “Stubborn Sod” (Alien Buddha Press).

Paul contributed with four poems to the third volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea. You can hear the Farsi reciting of his poems on the link below:


Bus Stop

Paul Brookes


Hair a ruffled sea flecked with grey waits.

In time debates an unwanted wooden cross

Of youth held too tightly to her breast.

The sea of mad time within an arch of neverness


Decides to render all the work as if in want

Is wish, is happen, is more than stainless

Cold steel held in a warm hand to steady herself

On a rattling bus to nowhere, to no one.


Let this steadying hand that holds the world

And cold creep into her bones from that grasped

Fridge never to touch another’s hand. She collapses

Into a man equally stood beside her.


He holds her hand to steady her, settle the waves

as if she were a world. He smiles with “Thas cold as a brass monkey lass. ‘ere wear me gloves. Am less nesh than thee.”

His woollen gloves blessed too big let warmth travel.

ایستگاه اتوبوس

پاول بروکس

،گیسوانی ژولیده با رگه های خاکستری انتظار می کشد

آن صلیب چوبی که از جوانی محکم به سینه اش فشرده

ناخواسته با زمان مجادله می کند

دریایی از زمان دیوانه درون کشتی از پوچی

تصمیم می گیرد که تمام کارها را انجام دهد تو گویی در نیاز،

آرزویی هست که تحقق می یابد، چیزی بیش از فولاد سرد مقاوم

در دستانی گرم که او را در اتوبوس لرزان استوار نگاه می دارد

بسوی هیچ کجا، به سوی هیچ کس

بگذار این دستی که به میله چسبیده، که گویی جهان را نگه می دارد

و سرما را به استخوانهای او راه می دهد

هرگز دست دیگری را لمس نکند، او روی مردی

که کنارش ایستاده سقوط می کند

مرد دستش را می گیرد تا او بیایستد وتکانها به ثبات برسد

زن همچون دنیایی بود. مرد لبخندی می زند: “دستت آنقدر سرد است

که میمون یخ می زند، بیا دستکش های مرا بپوش، من به اندازه تو سردم نیست”

دستکش های بزرگ و پشمی آن مرد سفر گرمی را نوید می دهد

Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Meg Freer

Meg Freer grew up in Montana and lives in Ontario where she is a piano teacher. Her photos and poems have won awards and have been accepted for publication in chapbook anthologies and journals such as COG, NatureWriting, Mothers Always Write, Young Ravens Literary Review, Eastern Iowa Review, and Rat’s Ass Review. In 2017 she won a writing fellowship and attended the Summer Literary Seminars in Tbilisi. In 2018 she had a prose poem shortlisted for the Room Magazine Short Forms contest as well as a contest winner for Cosmographia Book’s Poem of the Month.

She contributed with two short poems to the third volume of the anthology. Here, you can hear the Farsi translation of them:



Daring to be found in a summer lawn

Meg Freer


A four-leaf clover,

carefully folded in paper,

placed between pages

of a favorite book.


A season of sensations, gone

with breathtaking brevity,

with myself folded

carefully into your future.


Note: Published in quatrain.fish, online (2018) and Poetry and Prose from Northern Ontario (2018).

جرات حضور در چمن های تابستانه

یک شبدر چهار برگ

که با دقت در کاغذی تا شده

و بین صفحات کتابی عزیز

جای گرفته

فصل احساسات، گذشته

با اختصاری نفس گیر

با خودی که با دقت

در آینده تو تا شده


Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Pilar Quintana

Pilar Quintana is a member of the Grey Court Poets whose poems can be found in their anthology Songs From the Castle’s Remains, Athens, GA’s Word of Mouth, the 2018 art/poetry collaboration Soulmates, and several other publications.

She contributed with a short poems to the third volume of the anthology. Here, you can hear the Farsi translation of it:



Pilar Quintana


Fall snow

Hold this moment tight

In your cold hand

Until she comes again


تا آندم که …

پیلار کوئین تانا

 !ببارای برف

این لحظه را در دستان سردت

محکم نگهدار

تا آندم که او دوباره باز گردد