Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Blanca Alicia Garza

Blanca Alicia Garza is a poet from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a nature and animal lover, and enjoys spending time writing. Her poems are published in the poetry anthologies, “Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze”, and “Dandelions in a Vase of Roses” now available at Amazon.com. Blanca’s work can be found in The Poet Community, Whispers, The Winamop Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine, Raven’s Cage Ezine, Scarlet Leaf Review as well as Birdsong Anthology 2016, Vol 1. Blanca was recently nominated for The Best of the Net 2017.

She contributed with two poems to the bilingual anthology, Vol II, and you can listen to the Persian translation of her poem, Stumbling, on the link below:

This poem has been recited in English by Hank Beukema on YouTube:




My world teeters
but I will not fall

I’m standing here
tall and proud
No matter what
life throws at me

I’m making my own path
with the stones
that I stumble on

Will not follow the crowd

My dreams could be
scattered by the wind
like pieces of a dandelion

But if I can touch a heart
with my words, if I can
make someone think
twice before they act,
then my work wasn’t in vain.

یله خوردن

دنیایم زیرو رو می گردد
ولی من نمی لغزم

اینک من ایستاده ام
سربلند و مغرور
بی خیال از
دغدغه های زندگی

راهم را خود می سازم

از سنگ هایی که
سد راهم بودند

من همرنگ جماعت نمی شوم

رویاهایم شاید
مانند قاصدکی
از هم بپاشند

اما، اگر قلبی را
با کلامم لمس کنم
اگر کسی را
پیش از آنکه کاری بکند
وادار به تامل سازم،
پس آنچه کرده ام واهی و باطل نبوده است



Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site 17Numa.wordpress.com where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, live events, and books can be found. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Scott was a recipient of the 2017 Setu Magazine Award for Excellence in the field of literature. His work has been translated into Albanian, Afrikaans, Persian, and Italian.

Scott contributed with three short poems to the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol II and published a Youtube video, reciting a selection from the above mentioned collection including his own poem, Coloring Outside the Lines.

You can watch the video and listen to the Farsi translation of the poem below:

Coloring Outside the Lines

Blue is the color of kaleidoscope dreams

abstracted with neon mandalas

that swirl and shift

in spaces beyond

those consciousness knows how to tame.


Energy crystalized at a pressurized point

transcends the limitations

of places we fear to tread

while manifesting the miracles

that only grace can erupt into existence.


White is the color of cumulus clouds

singing hymns down from heaven

as mantras of whispered breath

hum from the lips of holy angels

to swarm across the land below.


Prophecies and prayers of old

align at the web’s woven center

to reveal a matrix of truth

that boils in the heart of peace

and tears away the final veil of illusion.


Note: Originally appeared in Tuck Magazine.

رنگهایی که از خط بیرون زده

آبی، رنگ رویاهای متنوعی است

که با تذهیب های براق از هم جدا شده اند

در فضاهای ماورایی

می چرخند و تغییر می کنند

آگاهی و شعور می داند که چگونه آنها را رام کند

انرژی در یک نقطه متبلور شده

از محدودیت مکان هایی که می ترسیم

در آنجا گام بگذاریم، فراتر رفته است

در حالی که معجزات نشان می دهد

تنها فضیلت است که امکان ظهور دارد

 سفید، رنگ ابرهای پنبه ای است

آوازی بهشتی است که نازل شده

همانطور که که لبان فرشتگان مقدس

اذکار را زمزمه می کند

تا در سرزمینهای زیرینش ببارد

پیشگویی ها و دعاهای قدیمی

در مرکز بهم تافته یک شبکه، همگام می شوند

و زمینه ای از حقیقت را آشکار می کنند

که در دل آرامش می جوشد

و آخرین حجاب توهم را می درد







Poets Who Contributed to”Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson lived ten years in Canada during the Vietnam era and is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. Today, he is a poet, freelance writer, amateur photographer, and small business owner in Itasca, Illinois.  He published in more than 1012 publications, his poems have appeared in 35 countries, he edits and publishes 10 different poetry sites also nominated for three Pushcart Prize awards for poetry 2015, 2016 and 2017 Best of the Net.  He also has 153 poetry videos on YouTube:


He is the Editor-in-chief of the anthologies, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze and Dandelion in a Vase of Roses which both are now available on amazon. You can find them on the links below:



Michael contributed with five poems to the bilingual anthology. He is a poet of exile and there are always footprints of the years he lived in Canada and reflection of the grief missing home and hope to the future.

Here is the Farsi translation of his poem, “If I Were Young Again” in the bilingual anthology, Vol II.


If I Were Young Again 


Piecemeal summer dies:

long winter spreads its blanket again.


For ten years I have lived in exile,

locked in this rickety cabin, shoulders 

jostled up against open Alberta sky.


If I were young again, I’d sing of coolness of high

mountain snow flowers, sprinkle of night glow-blue meadows;

I would dream and stretch slim fingers into distant nowhere,

yawn slowly over endless prairie miles.


The grassland is where in summer silence grows;

in evening eagles spread their wings

dripping feathers like warm honey.


If I were young again, I’d eat pine cones, food of birds,

share meals with wild wolves;

I’d have as much dessert as I wanted,

reach out into blue sky, lick the clouds off my fingertips.


But I’m not young anymore and my thoughts tormented

are raw, overworked, sharpened with misery

from torture of war and childhood.

For ten years now I’ve lived locked in this unstable cabin,


   inside rush of summer winds,  

    outside air beaten dim with snow.

اگر یکبار دیگر جوان می شدم

تابستان ذره ذره می میرد

زمستان پایان ناپذیر دوباره بسترش را می گسترد

 ده سال است که در تبعید بسر برده ام

محبوس در این کلبۀ لرزان

 شانه هایم به آغوش باز آسمان آلبرتا تکیه زده

اگر دیگر بار جوان می شدم، خنکای گل های برفی در قله های بلند را می خواندم

و نم نم باران شبانه در مرغزارهای آسمانی رنگ را

شاید انگشتان باریکم را – در رویا- به سوی ناکجاهای دور می گستراندم

و بر دشتهای بی انتها خمیازه ای آرام می کشیدم

علفزار جایی است که تابستان سکوت می رویاند

و شامگاهان، عقابها بال هایشان را گسترده

و پرهاشان مثل عسل گرم می ریزد

اگر دیگربار جوان می شدم، میوه کاج وغذای پرندگان را می خوردم

خوراکم را با گرگ های درنده تقسیم کرده

و تا دلم می خواست دسر نوش جان می کردم

به آسمان آبی سر کشیده و ابرها را از نوک پنجه هایم لیس می زدم

اما من دیگر جوان نیستم، اندیشه هایم خام و عذاب آورند

از رنجهای ایام کودکی و جنگ خسته و کاهیده اند

از ده سال بدینسو – من در این اتاقک متزلزل- اسیر زندگانی ام

دردرون، وزشِ بادهای تابستانی

در بیرون، هوا تیره با بارش برف

Poets Who Contributed to”Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Bob Heman

Bob Heman‘s poems have appeared recently in New American Writing, Caliban online, and Otoliths, and in the anthology The Other Side of Violet (great weather for MEDIA). He has edited CLWN WR, formerly Clown War, since the early 1970s. His words have also been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Hungarian. Recently he has been working on a series of collaborations with Cindy Hochman.

His art includes cut-outs [“participatory cut-out multiples on paper”], drawings, and collages, and has been included in a two-person show at The Brooklyn Museum, in a one-man retrospective of his cut-outs at BACA’s Downtown Cultural Center, and in group shows in Toronto and Los Angeles, as well as in galleries in D.U.M.B.O., Chelsea, Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and the East Village. In the late 1970s he was an artist-in-residence at The Brooklyn Museum.

He contributed with four poems to the first volume of the bilingual anthology. His poem, STEM (ساقه) is a short, deep and simply beautiful read especially in Persian. Here is the Farsi reciting of the poem:


at the root there is time
& in time we get to
the root of it & see why
through time the root
draws its nourishment
from the soil surrounding
letting it keep on until
its time runs out & it
lives on only in its seeds
& in the seeds of those seeds
& so on until time itself
becomes the root that
draws all space into its
once & incredible bloom

(previously published in NEDGE)

 (ساقه (ریشه

در ریشه، زمان جاریست
و در زمان است که ما
به ژرفای ریشه پی می بریم
و در می یابیم که چرا ریشه
در گذر زمان
از خاک پیرامونش تغذیه می کند
و این کار را ادامه می دهد
تا اینکه زمانش بسر رسد
از آن پس تنها در دانه ها می زید
و در دانه های آن دانه ها
و همچنان ادامه می یابد تا آنکه زمان
خود نیز تبدیل به ریشه می شود
و بناگاه تمامی فضا را در خود می بلعد
و چه شگفت انگیز می شکفد

A few samples of his collages:


“Straying from the Herd” was made in 2017 and published in Home Planet News Online.

“x collage” was done in 2015 for the book ABC URDITIES: A COLLAGE ALPHABET, published by Benzene Editions.

“Guarding the Small Light” was originally done as a cover in 2015, but wasn’t used, when they chose another one of my other designs instead. It was later published in Clockwise Cat.

About the Cover Illustration of the Vol II

The cover illustration is one of the Nermin Kura’s works called “Overture”(means Pishdaramad “ پیش درآمد “ in Persian), 2017; Coil built stoneware; mid range and low fire glazes; 15 x 13 x 6 inches. She is a professor of Art and Architectural History and Ceramics at Roger Williams University in Bristol RI .
“What does “Pishdaramad” mean in Persian art and music?”, several friends asked me. As a matter of fact, Pishdaramad means, “before entering”. It can be compared with the European prelude. A 20th century invention, it consists of a measured piece written for group performance, to be played at the beginning of any traditional performance. The melody of a pishdaramad usually contains hints or references to the upcoming “ghoushehs” in the performance (Ghousheh here means a piece of music). The pishdaramad was invented by the great tar and setar player of 20th century, Darvish Khan, who wrote the first such piece for a public concert in the early 1920’s. It can be composed in various rhythms, but almost always in slow tempo.
Like the music of ancient Greece, Persian music is closely allied with poetry.Generally one couplet of classical verse is set to a single Ghousheh with long melismatic sections and instrumental rhapsodizing between the various Ghousheh. Thus the meter of the poetry imparts a kind of recurrent rhythmic structure to the otherwise unmeasured composition.
You may find more details of Persian music on the link below:

Persian Sugar in English Tea Vol II is Available on Amazon.

Dear Contributors/poets/poetry lovers

We are so excited and honored to announce that the second volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea, is now available on amazon.com.
Congratulations to all who trusted in our work and submitted their wonderful poetry. We deeply enjoyed through the process of translation and hope the Persian (Farsi) readers enjoy as well. We will do our best to share the book information through social media, and to promote it especially in Farsi-speaking countries. But the process will take time and need your kind support via sharing the anthology info and talking about it in your friendly meetings, reading events and so on. BookCoverPreview

It will be available on amazon.Europe in 3-5 days, and other online retailers in two weeks. You can purchase your copies through the link below:

The book news and info will be updating on the weblog below and also on the Facebook page of the book. Please follow and LIKE!


Have a great weekend
The editors
(Soodabeh Saeidnia and Aimal Zaman)

Persian Sugar in British Tea, Vol II

BookCoverPreviewDear Poetry Lovers and Poets

Here is the list of contributors whose poems have been accepted for the second volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in British Tea. I’m also delighted to let you know that we will have a wonderful artwork by the brilliant artist Nermin Kura on the cover of the book. She kindly accepted my invitation and sent a number of her eye-catching images of her own work.

The submission in currently closed and the translation process is undergoing. The galley proof will be sent to the contributors’ e-mails for final and double check. The second volume would most probably be released in March 2018.

List of poets in the Volume II:

1- Abigail E. Wright

2- Annette Nasser

3- Blanca Alicia Garza

4- Chanell Kalani Galaza

5- Clara Burghelea

6- Daginne Aignened

7- Dan Bourget

8- Darius Atefat-Peckham

9- David Lawton

10- Don Beukes

11- Indunil Madhusankha

12- Jan Harper

13- Juan Chemes

14- Karl Roulston

15- Margaret O’Driscoll

16- Melinda Owen

17- Michael Lee Johnson

18- Michelle Bermudez

19- Paul Brookes

20- Sandra Henry

21- Scott Thomas Outlar

22- Seema Jayaraman

23- Sheikha A.

24- Sheila Jacob

25- Shelly Buttenhoff Miller

26- Silent Lotus

27- Stefan Bohdan

28- Vincent Zepp

I also hope my dearest co-editor, Aimal Zaman, contributes a few of his lovely poems to this volume.


Update on the anthology, Persian Sugar in British Tea

Dear Poets and Poetry Lovers

The first volume of the bilingual anthology is under production process and includes the poems by the below poets:

1- Arthur C. Ford

2- Bob Heman

3- Bob Whitmire

4- Charles Braddy

5- Claudine Nash

6- Des Mannay

7- Diane DeCillis

8- Donald Krieger

9- Elizabeth S. Wolf

10- Ellen Rittberg

11- James D. Casey IV

12-James Walton

13- Jay Gandhi

14- Jordan Trethewey

15- Ken Allan Dronsfield

16- Matt Stefon

17- Meagan Brothers

18- Michael Griffith

19- Nancy Day

20- Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

21-Norbert Gora

22-Philip Jones

23-Ronald Tumbaga

24- Thomas Fucaloro

The book will hopefully be released in late February 2018.

The update on the second anthology will be announced soon.