It’s not cold outside, listen to me!

No need to wear your -35 boots,

And your waterproof, multilayer coat

No need to wear the wool gloves and toque*


When snowflakes come down,

And crawling blowers wake you up

Early in the morning shocked

It doesn’t mean that is cold outside!


People smoke by breathing out

Buses disappear to blurring eyes

Rub your hands, you’ll feel better

It’s just winter. Don’t blame it on cold!


Funny you! A few degrees below zero

Not in Centigrade but in Fahrenheit!

Hibernation is better that buying

That ski suit for an arm and a leg


You need more your cellphone and credit cards

Than this jacket and scarf and earmuffs

Though, I agree with hot coffee in every season


Damn! Look at my trembling hands!

I already turned on the heat

Give me that fucking blanket before you leave!               


*Canadian version of “Beanie”


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