Tragedy of Rostam and Sohrab

There are feelings so painful, beyond the tolerance of a human, like the feeling of this father: “News: Ohio dad mistakenly killed son, won’t be charged”
When I saw this, immediately reminded a famous tragic myth from “Shahnameh”, a long epic poem by the Persian poet “Ferdowsi” (977-1010 CE) which is the national epic of Iran including 60,000 verses! Here, I retell one of those myths similar to the news above.

repeated again
following the traces
of his lost horse,
met his love,
who asked him
to give her a child
in return of his horse

Years passed
War on the horizon
Armies faced
the best of Persia
No one dared to fight him
but Sohrab,
the best of Turan

Battle of eternity
Father and son !
The opponents
to each other
Tragedy began
Stab in the son’s heart

Only the Ohio Father
the deadly feeling of Rostam
when noticed the necklace
he once gave Tahmina
to save their son

but too late
when Sohrab fell asleep
in his mourning
father’s embrace


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