2 Poems – Soodabeh Saeidnia

Dying Dahlia Review

Art of Being Together

I was the rain
You were the flood
The blood of wine
poured in a glass
The eruption of passion
crossed our line
We are a deluge
Beware of our influx

I was the wind
You were the lightning
The angry thunder
growled in between
We are a hurricane
Beware of the devastation

I was a particle
You were the dust
The magic of gravity
pulled us toward
the earth for many years
We are the full moon
Beware of the tide

I was a letter
You were a word
The black art of his pen
wrote us on a board
We are a poem
Beware of our influence

Clean Up

Sometimes I get
a massive headache
Doctor advised me
to delete the shards
of some memories

Soodabeh Saeidnia was born in Iran and received a Pharm. D. and Ph. D…

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The Last Seat of the Bus

The last seat of a bus,
The best place to hide within your dreams
The safest place to take refuge,
from invasion of concerns in the city
Hold yourself,
and forget everything that needs to be thought
Forget your mistakes,
whose music disturbed the balance in your life?
The most dissonant music is “errors not forgiven”
“Mistakes not forgotten”
The driver calls “Main Street”
Your eyes stare into the steams on the windows and you ask yourself “why”?
….Why you have never gotten off the bus in the “main street” until today?
You always ignore the main street, the main road, the main way,
because you rather a dead end street!
Driver: “The last stop”
The last passenger leaves the bus
and the last seat waiting for another lonely passenger

Published in 352 Degrees (http://www.352degreesmag.com/issue-two.html)