A dream (a collaborative poem)

 A book in a hand

A hand in a sleeve

A sleeve on a dress

A dress from a beauty

A beauty rays from a firm

A firm is nothing

without the brilliant lady on it


A lady on a chair

A chair on the meadow

A meadow in his dream

A dream of roses blooming

Roses without thorns

Do not exist in his life


A dream about a sunny day

A day among the thousands

of days he passed through

will remind him always

Became the remembrance day


He loves her much

She is his day

She is his night

His dreams are only her

Yet in the morning she is gone


His eyes are closed

He sees her walking

Seems like she comes to him

but when he thinks she will be there

He just feels cold thin air


He prays and hopes

He waits and thinks

Of future days ahead

That day of truth

The day she’ll kiss him

The day he hopes will come

Soodabeh Saeidnia & When caterpillars become butterflies


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