I left you without saying goodbye

though, It doesn’t matter to you

l was Pluto and you were Sun

Smog of indifference around

growing up more than a giant

with thousands of heads

When you cried, acidic tears

burned my clothes and eyes

Your face got a lunar spot

My throat dried and you

couldn’t afford water to heal

the cracks of the boxwoods’ lips

Trees fell down one by one

and you didn’t care until

all the pines were extinct

and only ravens remained

croaking to please you

competing with cats on your leftovers

I wonder why you cover

your appearance by soft

granites and priceless rugs

I knew that too many lovers

left you, and I was less

than a nothing among them

Every single day, I asked

if you looked at my flight

when I departed you, Tehran

— Soodabeh Saeidnia

Soodabeh was born in Iran and…

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My Birthday Wish

Let your eyes open
Trillions of planets and stars
waiting for the prominent species
May you be that species
May you live like the supreme being
May you spread in the world
and scatter the brilliant thoughts
Let the universe breathe in your scent
Let the cosmos live in your heart

Soodabeh Saeidnia
Copyrighted April 13, 2016

I like both Chinese Food and Poetry by Soodabeh Saeidnia

I am not a silent poet

As far as I know, I have liked Chinese food
as much as I’ve liked reading a doggerel
I would be depressed, if I noticed that
they have run out of noodle soups
and Zhajiangmian (with a Cantonese accent)
but at the same time, I would be more upset,
if I realized that there is no space
to pen a satiric persona poem in a Chinese restaurant
How close is racism to privilege, and
implication to congratulation?
Oh American foodies, please
let me suck my noodles
and read New Yorker’s lines
while my made-in-China cigarette
burns forgotten on the ashtray

This poem is in response to the news about the writer Calvin Trillin’s poem in the April 4 issue of The New Yorker describes, in the voice of an exasperated American foodie, the varieties of Chinese cuisine now available. Some readers found it hard to swallow.

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