Review of Street of the Ginko Trees By Soodabeh Saeidnia

Thank you Adam Brown​ so much for your descriptive and detailed review on my book.

Adam Levon Brown

Soodabeh Cover PhotoReview of

Street of the Ginko Trees

By Soodabeh  Saeidnia

Many poems in this book are short and nuanced and take several readings to catch their meaning. Saeidnia has a very entertaining way of telling a story in very few words. Saedinia is also an accomplished scientist in her field, and you can see various scientific quandaries and theories dipped here and there within her ink. While she can write scientifically, she is also a very good poet. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a new, fun, educational read.

This book for me, takes off with the political poem, “Oily Blood Forecast” which  Saeidnia uses excellent verse to describe the world’s addiction to oil. This poem tells all of a world based on greed. The poem, “Pot of Tea” gives the reader a look into the life of two people sitting and sharing themselves while a pot of…

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