There is rain pouring
Rain is pouring with rage
Rain is pouring inside your skull
Rain is pouring on Michael Kors in the woman’s fist

The rain and the Michael Kors are both pouring
on my bare bones
Rain is shamelessly pouring
Rain can send you home
with the woman and her Michael Kors
Rain is furiously watching my fears
I bury myself under your arms
But rain tickles my nose

Rain turns red
Rain is bloody
dripping on your hands and turning off your Marlboro
wiping your face, kissing your lips
It’s just an ordinary rain in NYC, you say
flirting with the rain’s eyes
But at the same time, rain turns purple
wrinkles your forehead

Rain was already my friend
but now, approaches my neck and presses tightly
I’m feeling suffocated
Angry rain and its pressure are going up
throwing up
Madness is pouring
Madness is pouring with rain

Rain and Madness turn black
Rain and Madness are putting on your pants
getting out of your nostrils
Black rain who gets out of your nose
Madness who gets out of the woman’s dress
Black rain and Madness fill the subway
Black rain and Madness kill a boy by mistake
A boy who looks like my prince

Rain turns green
Rain reads the commercials on the wall and laughs
The rain and the woman are looking at your nose
There is blood coming out
Blood is pouring, but at the same time
turns white and translucent
I breathe out safely

It is raining
Rain is dripping on my shoes
My shoes are Payless
I respectfully invite the rain into my shoes’ party
My toes embrace the rain warmly
and blush

You walk with the woman shoulder to shoulder
Rain is still caressing my cheeks
The rain and I are dripping

Soodabeh Saeidnia

Published in the recent anthology “The careless embrace of the boneshaker” by Great Weather for Media”. I always liked to write a poem about down pouring in NYC !


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