Call for Submission

Dear Poets

I’m working on a bilingual poetry project (Persian and English only). The title of the project is “Where are you from?” I would like to invite my friends/poets who write their poems in Eng to submit 3-5 short poems (Maximum 20 lines) and/or 3-10 haiku or any other types of micro-poetry through the e-mail below the post. I am going to choose up to 3 poems of each poet (up to 5 for haiku and micro-poetry ) and translate them to Persian (Farsi) in a poetic way and the final anthology will be published in both Eng and Farsi. The theme ranges quite wide excluding anything erotic, religious, or political. Due to limitation of the pages (max 250 pp), I can only accept up to 60 poets’ work. So if you are really interested in having your poems in one of the most beautiful languages around the world, please don’t exceed the deadline (Feb 1, 2017). I also invited the poet Aimal Zaman Yusufzai (he is a great bilingual poet) to cooperate with me as the co-editor in this endeavor. I will benefit greatly from his expertise in choosing the poems and translation.

Instruction for contributors

1- Poems with lines longer than 20 and already published won’t be reviewed.

2- Poets whose first language is English are in priority, because the main goal of this anthology is to translate and introduce some good English poetry and contemporary western poetry to Persian as a poetic eastern language. There are approximately 110 million Persian speakers worldwide, with the language holding official status in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

3- Don’t submit your poems through FB messages PLEASE. Only through email:

4- Please paste your poems into the body of your email.

5- Contributors are asked to send a short biography (Max 150 words) and a picture (optional). Kindly send the bio and pic along with your poems in order to avoid too many e-mail contacts.

6- The process of translation is time consuming so the final anthology is expected to release after June 2017.

7- I will update the contributors and inform them whenever the book is alive on Amazon.

8- There is no book compensation and no free copy of the book. The contributors can prepare some copies through Amazon or e-store. Can’t wait to read your great poems

Soodabeh Saeidnia,

Editor in Chief



9 thoughts on “Call for Submission

      1. I HAVE A WISH !!!
        I wish ,I go to learn,
        But they say,You’ll run,
        The kitchen and household in turn.

        I wish,I walk the streets,
        To see how the street-children,
        Lie down by roadside,
        But Mama says,”Dear Girl,
        Exit not home at the fall of night”.

        I wish,I see a health worker,
        During my sickness and fits,
        But Granny says,
        “No Girl,the wizard treats”.

        I wish I rest on a cozy bed in sunshine,
        During my monthly term-time,
        They send me to a dark dungeon,
        by a ravine.

        So I wish, I never wish,
        To swim freely like a fish,
        To dream how fairies fly,
        Either to walk by moonlit night,
        Or of school and future bright.

        Just because I seem soft and tender,
        Only because I’m a different gender,
        How I wish I were not born,
        To be shattered and to be torn.


  1. What a delightful project. I’d love to have been able to contribute my haiku but today is April 4.. Unless of course you have delayed publication.


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