Update on the anthology, Persian Sugar in British Tea

Dear Poets and Poetry Lovers

The first volume of the bilingual anthology is under production process and includes the poems by the below poets:

1- Arthur C. Ford

2- Bob Heman

3- Bob Whitmire

4- Charles Braddy

5- Claudine Nash

6- Des Mannay

7- Diane DeCillis

8- Donald Krieger

9- Elizabeth S. Wolf

10- Ellen Rittberg

11- James D. Casey IV

12-James Walton

13- Jay Gandhi

14- Jordan Trethewey

15- Ken Allan Dronsfield

16- Matt Stefon

17- Meagan Brothers

18- Michael Griffith

19- Nancy Day

20- Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

21-Norbert Gora

22-Philip Jones

23-Ronald Tumbaga

24- Thomas Fucaloro

The book will hopefully be released in late February 2018.

The update on the second anthology will be announced soon.