Persian Sugar in British Tea, Vol II

BookCoverPreviewDear Poetry Lovers and Poets

Here is the list of contributors whose poems have been accepted for the second volume of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in British Tea. I’m also delighted to let you know that we will have a wonderful artwork by the brilliant artist Nermin Kura on the cover of the book. She kindly accepted my invitation and sent a number of her eye-catching images of her own work.

The submission in currently closed and the translation process is undergoing. The galley proof will be sent to the contributors’ e-mails for final and double check. The second volume would most probably be released in March 2018.

List of poets in the Volume II:

1- Abigail E. Wright

2- Annette Nasser

3- Blanca Alicia Garza

4- Chanell Kalani Galaza

5- Clara Burghelea

6- Daginne Aignened

7- Dan Bourget

8- Darius Atefat-Peckham

9- David Lawton

10- Don Beukes

11- Indunil Madhusankha

12- Jan Harper

13- Juan Chemes

14- Karl Roulston

15- Margaret O’Driscoll

16- Melinda Owen

17- Michael Lee Johnson

18- Michelle Bermudez

19- Paul Brookes

20- Sandra Henry

21- Scott Thomas Outlar

22- Seema Jayaraman

23- Sheikha A.

24- Sheila Jacob

25- Shelly Buttenhoff Miller

26- Silent Lotus

27- Stefan Bohdan

28- Vincent Zepp

I also hope my dearest co-editor, Aimal Zaman, contributes a few of his lovely poems to this volume.