A Quick Review on “LOVE’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY: THE ENDS OF LOVE” by Duane Vorhees’


LOVE’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY: THE ENDS OF LOVE, selections from ‘The Many Loves of Duane Vorhees’

The above mentioned book, published by Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata (2018), is a collection of love poems highlighted in 4 sections, Prologue, Beth, Jenny and Yeobo in 64 pages. In the beginning, the author started with a poem “Either Alzheimer’s or the lightning bolt” as if he declared that the end of love does and doesn’t mean ‘the end’ at the same time. It speaks of romantic and anti-romantic relationships:

“The ends of love

are but two

: your V8 plunges from the surface

and, crucified like a butterfly in time,

helpless consciousness heightened,

you hover in slow motion witness

to the juggernaut earth’s decay …”

The author described himself as a scholar, professor, performer, actor, model, journalist (dish washer, truck driver, lifeguard, door-to-door salesman, laborer…), and poet. Undoubtedly, his exceptional and adventurous life experience is glowing through the lines here and there, where beautiful metaphors take the reader’s imagination to watch a wonderful dream movie on the mind screen. The below lines from “Ah! Nights” are one of a kind:

“you were queen of the hive

and I a drone among the honeys

getting a buzz on and doing my job

plunging among the dusky clover

trying to pollinate the skies

to flower the night with stars.

To lose my only stinger would be to die -”

“Without You Beth” is talking about the tragic moments that may happen in everybody’s journey of life when they have to bow to death since they have no choice but let their loves go “Death./ Abyss-dropped coffin. /Everyone wept ….”

The word choice in “Mushrooming” is benevolently clever. “sAVAnnA” is an eye-catching visual art, and an odd and simply sophisticated poem of this book. “no one has ever noted for eternity …” and “none has ever praised” take the mind to the deeper layer when it comes to read Atoll. Perhaps the narrative in “For Love” isn’t a man like “Many a man has decayed and gone to bugs—but not for love.” The Beast is an amalgamation of darkest desires and finest sentiments, flowing as smooth and mesmerizing as water drops:

“I love your body’s several smiles

as I press my name on all your mouths.

I love the way your body smiles

in some of your most surprising places.”

Confession at the end of the book reveals that the poet has spoken with different voices. This isn’t simply a collection of love poems as the author stepped in the other levels of relationships. “Take Me In” has intriguing rhythm and beat in a way that the reader finds him/herself to whisper it or recite it load.

I am really pleased and delighted to have a chance to get my hands on these amazing poems. For me, every line of the book makes sense and fills my heart with both joy and grief which are two sides of the love sword. I highly recommend my friends and students read this book and let their imagination fly across the land of love.

Poets Who Contributed to “Persian Sugar in English Tea”: Draevnn Motkova

Draevnn Motkova is a poet and author who strives to translate emotions of the heart to the written word. 


Draevnn Motkova


Words written on the heart can never be erased

words spoken can never be unheard,

even when I am old and can no longer listen

promises of love can not be taken back,

but they can be poisoned from existence.

Poisoned the pollutant wipes away dreams of youth, of future.

What we do from this point is history, yet determined,

images of us to be drawn on the sheet of life,

once scratched to reality we only live the

visions of love bled from our hearts.

Henceforth life will record us to life.


از این پس

دراون موتکووا

واژگانی که بر دلها نوشته شود، هرگز پاک نمی گردد

کلماتی که بیان شوند، هرگز ناشنیده نمی مانند

حتی زمانی که من پیر و ناشنوا شوم

وعده های عشق دیگر باز نمی گردند

چه بسا مسموم شوند از حضور

آنچه عشق را بیالاید، رویاهای جوانی و آینده را از میان می برد

آنچه ما انجام می دهیم، از این پس به تاریخ می پیوندد

تصاویری از ما در ورق زندگی ترسیم می شود –

که با واقعیت زندگی خراشده می گردد –

این واقعیت که ما با خون دلهایمان به عشق می نگریم

از این پس، این زندگی است که ما را ثبت می کند

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Soodabeh Saeidnia

So pleased and grateful for the interview with the poet and editor, Paul Brookes. I had fun talking to him and answering his questions.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews

I am honoured and privileged that the following poets, local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger.
The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some surprises too. Some of these poets you may know, others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Soodabeh Saeidnia

According to Amazon “Soodabeh lives in Queens, NYC. She got her Pharm D and PhD of Pharmacognosy and has worked as a researcher, assistant and associate professor in the Kyoto University (Japan), TUMS (Iran) and University of Saskatchewan (Canada). She writes in English and Farsi. Her English poems have been published in different anthologies and literary magazines including Careless Embrace of the Boneshaker (GWFM) Squawk Back, Indiana…

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