Call For Submission: “Saffron Flavored Rock Candy” Vol I.

Dear Poets and Poetry Lovers

After successful publishing of the bilingual anthology “Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol I, II, III”, it’s time to kick off another bilingual poetry project. We, the editors, appreciate the enthusiasm and kind/constructive feedback from the poets and photographers who trusted in our work and contributed. With that amazing experience, we can move forward.

Athough there are approximately 110 million Persian speakers worldwide, with the language holding official status in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, there is a limited number of translations since the 80s and those are only from very well-known international poets. We gather the contemporary and modern English poems from living poets (not from the society of dead poets!) and enjoy ourselves through the act of translation. We also share it with Farsi-speakers.

The title of the new project is “Saffron Flavored Rock Candy”. We would like to invite you, who write their poems in English, to submit 3-5 short poems (Maximum 26 lines) or 3-10 haiku or any other types of micro-poetry through the e-mail ( We are going to choose up to three poems of each poet and translate them to Persian in a poetic way. The final anthology will be published in Farsi and English. The theme ranges quite wide (nature, life, people, social issues, romance and so on) excluding anything erotic, political and religious. Due to limitation of space, we can accept up to 60 poets’. Therefore, if you are really interested in having your poems in one of the most beautiful languages in the world, please don’t exceed the deadline (March 30, 2019).

Instruction for contributors

1- Poems with lines longer than 26 and already published won’t be reviewed unless the poet holds the rights.

2- If the contributor holds all rights to republish a work, they SHOULD let us know where the poem was first published and we will add a note below the poem.

3- The English version of poems will remain the property of poets/contributors. They hold the copyright to send it for publishing elsewhere (just don’t forget to mention the name of the anthology there.)

4- Poets whose first language is English are in priority since the main goal of this anthology is to translate and introduce some good English poetry. We don’t have time to edit the English versions as translation itself is enough time-consuming.

5- Don’t submit your poems through FB messenger PLEASE. Only through email:, I will send a short response to confirm the submission later but you would be patient.

6- We prefer you copy/paste your poems into the body of your email than you attach a word file. Files may spread viruses.

7- Contributors are asked to send a short biography (Max 100 words) and a picture (optional). Kindly send the bio and pic along with your poems to avoid extra e-mailing.

8- The process of translation is time-consuming so the final anthology is expected to release sometime at the end of 2019.

9- I will keep in touch with poets during the process of translation, update and inform them whenever the galley proof is ready to check for production-born errors, and then when the book is alive on Amazon.

10- There is no book compensation and no free copy of the paper back. The contributors will receive a PDF file of the book free of charge upon request, and can (recommend to!) purchase some print copies through Amazon. I will do my best to keep the price lower than $15. The benefits of sale will be spent to promote more print copies to the Farsi-speaking countries through individuals/private libraries and friends.

Notes regarding the Vol I:

  • We are proud to have the companionship of the wonderful Iranian-Canadian poet “Anooshka Khazaeie” as a co-translator. You may find her poetry in the previous anthologies, the most recent is “Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol III”.
  • The cover illustrator and curator is “Seyed Masoumeh Hosseini” whose wonderful illustration on the cover of “Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol I” attracted many readers.



Can’t wait to read your wonderful poems!

Soodabeh Saeidnia,

The Project Manager and Editor in Chief