Update on the cover artwork, publishing date and accepted poems in “Saffron Flavored Rock Candy”

Dear Poets and contributors

The submission to the bilingual anthology, Saffron Flavored Rock Candy, is now closed. Here are the poets whose poems have been accepted (See below the picture). Please ignore any typo or misspelling here if any, since the galley proofs will send to your emails when all translations are ready.

The best estimation for publishing time would be around July-August 2019. Unfortunately, Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing does not support some languages including Farsi unlike the previous Createspace which is now merged with Kindle. I would most probably work with another publishing platform to get the book together in paperback. I will let you update on it.

The cover artwork is now ready by the brilliant artist and Iranian lady curator, Masoomeh Sadat Hosseini. She pictured a “rhyton” which  is a roughly conical container from which fluids were intended to be drunk or to be poured in some ceremony such as libation, or merely at table. They are typically formed in the shape of an animal’s head, and were produced over large areas of ancient Persia.


1- Ivan M Granger

2- Umit Sener

3- Geraldine Fernandez

4- Phillip Jones

5- Silent Lotus

6- Agnieszka Filipek

7- Mark Heathcote

8- Sarah Entage

9- Bob Mackenzie

10- Rini Valentina

11- Tim Duncan

12- Meg Freer

13- Ton Romus

14- David Sullivan

15- Elizabeth Wolf

16- Lynn White

17- Morgan Driscoll

18- Scott Thomas Outlar

19- Stefan Bohdan

20- Sheikha A.

21- Rajinish Mishra

22- Dan Bourget

23- Bipul Banerjee

24- Michael Lee Johnson

25- Sandra Henry

26- Nancy Day

27- Jay Gandhi

28- Paul Brookes

29- Claudia Serea

30- Vincent Zepp

31- Emma Lee

32- Shirani Rajapaksi

33- Steven Denehan

34- Jordan Trethewey

35- Duane Vorheez

36- Marion Clarke

37- Christine Tabaka