Call for Submission to the English Anthology: “Lockdown Prayers” & Winner Prizes

Instruction for contributors

Theme: Prayers and Dreams during the COVID-19 stay-home period.

From the final selection of poems, the three editors will choose two of the poets living in the United State to be awarded with the Prizes sponsored by “Forest Hills Remedies inc” (www. foresthillsremedies@com). The winners will receive a set of herbal health & beauty products (costs 70 US $) together with a copy of the bilingual anthology “Where are you from” (costs 20 US $).

1- Please submit not more than 5 Poems. Poems with lines longer than 26 and already published won’t be reviewed unless the poet holds the rights.

2- If the contributor holds all rights to republish a work, they SHOULD let us know where the poem was first published and we will add a note below the poem.

3- Selected poems remain the property of poets/contributors. They retain their copyrights and are free to have their poems published elsewhere (just pls don’t forget to mention the name of the anthology there).

4- Priority will be given to poets whose first language is English .

5- Don’t submit your poems through FB messenger PLEASE. Only through email:, I will send a short response to confirm the submission later but you would be patient.

6- We prefer you copy/paste your poems into the body of your email than you attach a word file. Files may spread viruses.

7- Contributors are asked to send a short biography (Max 100 words) and a picture (optional). Kindly send the bio and pic along with your poems to avoid extra e-mailing.

8- The process of publishing is time-consuming so the final anthology is expected to release sometime in the middle of 2021. Deadline for submission: Dec 30, 2020

9- I will keep in touch with poets during the process of production, update and inform them whenever the galley proof is ready to check for production-born errors, and then when the book is alive on Amazon.

10- There is no book compensation and no free copy of the paper back. The contributors will receive a PDF file of the book free of charge upon request, and can (recommend to!) purchase some print copies through Amazon. I will do my best to keep the price lower than $10. 

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