Persian Sugar in English Tea Vol. I will be landed on moon!

My heart is beating faster since I have heard from brilliant Elizabeth Wolf that she kindly included the digital file of the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea Vol. I, in her wonderful project. She has scored a digital slot on a lunar lander, heading to the moon. She is #70 on the roster! Unbelievable ! Congratulations to the contributors who have poems in the Vol I! She notified me that the theme is community on our blue planet and so she also included another anthology and pictures taken on 5 continents plus her own full length poetry book. I hope she will reveal some more info regarding the project soon. Thank you, Elizabeth a ton!


Nancy Day, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Charles Braddy, Arthur Charles Ford, Bob Heman, Bob Whitmire, Claudine Nash, Des MannayDiane Shipley DeCillis, Don Krieger, Thomas Fucaloro, Jordan Trethewey, Jay Gandhi, Ngozi Olivia Osuoha, Ronald TumbagaMeagan Brothers, Mike Griffith, Matt Stefon, Ellen Pober Rittberg,, Norbert Góra, James Walton, Aimal Zaman, Phillip Jones, James D. Casey.

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