The Day Squirrels Preach on the Front Page of Open Arts Forum

Just found my poem, The Day Squirrels Preach, on the FrontPage of “Open Arts Forum”! Thank you great editors and fellow poets in the forum who kindly featured the poem. Read the poem on the link below and the Farsi translation here.

روزی که سنجابها واعظ شوند

روزی فرا می رسد که سنجابی

از روی شاخه بلوط

به ایوان مادربزرگ می جهد

و به ما می آموزد

که چگونه اندوهمان را

در جامی از سوسن فرو ریزیم

چگونه الهام بخش آواره ای تهیدست شویم

که خانه ای پشمینه بسازد

چگونه همچون عطر آرامبخش اسطوخودوس

در هوا بخزیم

چگونه لباس بارانی پنجره شکسته را

ترمیم کنیم

و وقتی آنروزها از راه برسد

من دیگر عروسک وصله دار حیرت زده ای

بر شومینه مادر بزرگ نخواهم بود

و همچون گنجشکی بیچاره

از آب جوی نخواهم نوشید

“Oxymoron” a poem by Soodabeh Saeidnia published in “Better than Starbucks”

“I know the men who wear lopsided hats and talk without letup, upside down vampire bat…” is the beginning of my poem “Oxymoron” which is now re published in “Better Than Starbucks” May 2018, online and print V III No V beside its Farsi translation. My sincere appreciation goes to the editor S Ye Laird for accepting the poem. If you scroll down the page on the web site please, you’ll find wonderful poetry by other fellow poets. I enjoyed reading all.

“Nobody In The Box” is available on Amazon

A small illustrated poem-fable, Nobody In the Box, is available on amazon as a Kindle book. The illustrations have been created by my Iranian lady friend, Masoumeh Hosseini, whose beautiful artwork appeared on the cover of “Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol I”. The kindle contains the poem in both Farsi and English.
The image on the cover is the word ” هیچ ” which means “Nothing or None” in Farsi. Masoumeh, wonderfully personified the word with her creation.
My sincere appreciation to Jefferson Carter, the poet and editor from Tucson who kindly edited the English version of the poem.

During the year Masoumeh was working on the images, she kept constantly in touch with me to figure out how to present a “Nobody” character which is supposed not exist! She asked me the Farsi version of the poem to better connect with it as the mother tongue. There are moments in the poem that “Nobody” goes through different emotions and feelings, a journey from nothing to existence, and she told me she cried and laughed with “Nobody”! I adore her creative talent and hardwork.


Two Poems by Soodabeh Saeidnia

I’m so thrilled to see two pieces of my poetry “Punctuality” and “We were close” have been published online by “Burning House Press”. My heartfelt appreciation to the wonderful guest editor, Amee Nassrene Broumand for accepting them. I love the picture she added to the page of the poems.

via Two Poems by Soodabeh Saeidnia

This is my Farsi translation and reciting of the poem, Punctuality.

The TimBookTu Featured Poet for Summer 2017

Today, I received this e-mail and am so thrilled and humbled. My sincere appreciation to Memphis Vaughan, the respected editor of TimBookTu. Please scroll down. The link of the website and my published poems in TimBookTu are below the post.

Congratulations Ms. Saeidnia.

You have been selected as the TimBookTu Featured Poet for Summer 2017.   This is in recognition of your writing talents and the works you have contributed to TimBookTu over the last few years.  I hope that this recognition provides the opportunity for more readers to read and appreciate your work.

If you wish to add more selections to the site during your featured period, please send them to me at the email address below.   Please check the site to make sure that the latest selections you sent are okay.

Thank you for your contributions to the site.

With warmest regards,

Memphis Vaughan, Jr.,

The World Literature Review Featured a Poem by Soodabeh Saeidnia, Out of Time, Narrated by Jeanette Leone Skirvin

The World Literature Review is a weekly literary online journal and a unique curator of World Literature news and excelling contents. They also feature the audio and video of the poems. I didn’t know that they featured one of my poems, Out of Time, published by Poetry Life &Time and narrated by sweet Jeanette Leone Skirvin. The post was published at April 27, 2017 and I just noticed!

The link of journal is below:

Give Me A Pen, Give Me A Pencil

My sincere and deep appreciation to Duane Vorhees, the editor of ‘Duane’s PoeTree’ for online publishing of my recent poem, “Give Me a Pen, Give Me a Pencil”. His website is enriched by amazing artworks of well-known artists which complete the poems. You can read the poem in the website below:

“Apology” in NYU Literacy Review

I read my poem, Apology, in the celebration for annual publishing of Literacy Review, vol 15 at New York University, Kimmel Center. That was an amazing experience. The editors and the Dean of school were all really lovely and great people. Thanks ARNIC teachers and staff.


I owe you an apology

I didn’t steal

I only borrowed your tongue

to make my crafts

I’m afraid, mine is too odd to make sense


Instead, I promise to return

a mixed emotional poem,

a brown hybrid of black and white cauldrons,

in which all your words are float in a panic stew


A poem, in which kids drop their slippers

and run on the landmines that no longer hide

beneath the hot, barren soil

The soil that is no longer cultivated


A poem, in which adults throw up,

and whimper of wandering in a hopeless boat

climbing and stepping on each others’ shoulders


and during the time I am searching for

the correct plural form of corpus,

they’ve already stacked corpora of withered bodies


and while I am wondering if I unify the number of lines

in all stanzas, they’ve lost a number of their siblings and kids

I think I owe an apology to them and to myself


To my ancestors who lived in Cyrus the great’s Empire

and already carved human rights on rocks

Who never expected their offspring including me

to translate it from other languages to the mother tongue